Product Review: Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Cinch

Recently while cinching Jim up in his western saddle, I looked at him and wondered if there was a better cinch for him than just the straight cinch. After speaking with my trainer, we came across the Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief cinch. Available in synthetic or leather and then a felt, neoprene or fleece liner, I chose a black leather cinch with white fleece for Jim. Then I eagerly awaited the mail.


The cinch arrived in good time and unboxing it, I was surprised with a hat that had come along with it! Pretty cool plus! The fleece is very soft and the leather is supply and smells great. It has a roller buckle on one end and comes with a good diagram of how to use it.


I rode Jim in it the next day and he loved it! After walking him around a bit, it fell right in place. He definitely enjoys having the fleece on his skin instead of neoprene rubbing. It also looks sharp. I absolutely love the shape of this cinch and Jim enjoys it too! He rode very nicely in it and it frees up his elbows and shoulder very well.

The only downside is a small negative to the fleece. I rode in an 85 degree + day in the northeast. It was very humid and Jim had sweat a lot. After riding, I made sure to rest the cinch upside down off from the saddle to dry out the fleece since it did get quite wet. However, Total Saddle Fit does sell replacement liners so if I ever want to switch out the fleece, I can without losing the cinch! That is a nice feature I’m sure I’ll use sometime in the future.

Total Saddle Fit has these cinches for western, dressage and English saddles. The two English versions are even sold at Dover Saddlery. It was a bit expensive ($130 without the fleece, $169 with the fleece), but the quality is there and I’ve already recommended it to a number of friends! I can’t wait to log some more miles in this cinch.

(Disclaimer: I purchased this cinch with my own funds.)

Product Review: Haas brushes

Months back when my husband and I were on a trip, we stayed at a little B&B that had a barn attached to it. In the mornings, the B&B let us saunter down to the barn to greet the Tennessee Walkers they had. We got to know two of the boarders and one morning, one of them was opening a box from SmartPak.

Along with multiple things inside, she was most excited about her Haas brushes. I had maybe seen them once or twice, but never thought much of them. They’re not cheap and I didn’t understand what the fuss was about.

Fast forward back to January. I wanted them. I had found the black horse set they sell on their German website. But in foreign currency and shipping them to the U.S., they would be expensive. Also I didn’t understand why I needed 5 brushes for one grooming! Instead, I found 3 critical brushes on the SmartPak site that were included in the black horse set- the Curry Comb, the Lipizzaner and the Diva Exclusive.

(Photos courtesy of

Now these brushes aren’t cheap. The curry is $6, the Lipizzaner is $40 and the Diva Exclusive is $32. You may ask, why is it worth buying that expensive of brushes? After using them twice so far, I understand.


Now granted, Jim is a show horse. He’s kept inside and blanketed. He’s worked throughout the entire winter with a strict routine. He has a very balanced nutrition program including DAC Oil and I also spray him down with Equifuse’s Shine Spray about once every week to two weeks. And I seriously need to be able to bathe him when it’s warm again and get those stockings clean! But when I picked up those brushes, even that thin layer of dirt and dead hair brushed away.

The curry comb is part curry and part shedder. Since it’s almost spring, Jim has already been losing small fine hairs. The curry took things out of his coat that I had no idea they were there! It is a firm curry, but Jim seemed to like it.

The Lipizzaner is a good medium brush. It picked up all of the hair the curry left behind. It’s comfortable to use in your hand and you get a very nice grooming stroke from it. But my favorite of the 3 brushes is the Diva Exclusive.

The Diva sports lambs wool in the center of it. It’s almost softer than my cat! It’s lined with black horse hairs on the outside to give it lift and structure and damn does it work! It’s my favorite polishing/finishing brush ever. It’s going to be perfect come show season for getting that extra little bit of shine to come through. (And that can be difficult on a black horse!)

Another cool part about Haas is they have a chestnut, a gray, and a universal set as well as the black horse set. It’s not just a marketing ploy – they do cater the brushes to the coat types. Grays you need that extra pull from urine stains, chestnuts usually have a very sensitive/thin skin, and black horses love their deep clean grooming! If you’re like me and cannot afford the full set, find some reviews and see which brushes come in the set and choose the ones for you.

I know my husband will kill me for it, but I’m addicted to these brushes. They were a birthday gift and I’m so glad they were! Now I need a nice handy bag to keep them safe in.

(Note: I received these brushes from a non-horse family member for my birthday!)

Product Review: Dreamer & Schemers Socks

It’s not hard to find the matches to your riding socks in your drawer with the Dreamer & Schemers riding socks. I have fallen head over tail in love with these socks!

(Screecher decided he wanted to be in the photo.)

I bought my first pair of Dreamer & Schemers a few months ago after I had followed their Instagram for a contest. Their vibrant colors and trendy designs caught me immediately. The designs were totally me and they had something for everyone – whether you like unicorns, jumper designs, avocados, sushi, etc. The list went on and on. I have even gotten my friends hooked on them!

Along with being very fun designs with a personality of their own, the D&S socks feel great. They have a nice black sock bottom that’s smooth and comfortable in your boots. At the top is a stretchy black band that helps keep your socks up. They’re quality.

(Doesn’t the black horse look like Jim?)

The socks fit up to a 16″ calf. I run about a 16″ and although they do get a bit snug over breeches, they do fit. I tend to be that weird short person who hates ankle bunching with the bottom of my breeches so I tend to wear my socks under my breeches with my half chaps. (P.S.- If anyone has a solution to this, PLEASE hit me up on my contact info on the blog or comment below!)

The socks usually run about $17 although she runs sales pretty consistently. Right now they’re $15 with a buy 3, get 1 free deal. She also works with companies to do custom socks so if you go by the View Halloo site or some of your friendly tack shops or bloggers, you might find some limited editions!

The socks are stylish, comfortable and a good buy for the price. I’ve already gotten a few friends hooked on them! (And some of them don’t even ride English!)

(Disclaimer: I bought these socks myself!)

Product Review: View Halloo’s Equestrian Competition Journal

I stumbled upon the View Halloo Equestrian Competition Journal by chance. View Halloo was a featured Instagram account in a giveaway I had entered. It was one of those like a bunch of accounts and be entered contests. At first I thought nothing of it until View Halloo’s journal came by my feed.

Anyone that knows me knows there’s two things I love; paper products and planning. I love being organized. I love gathering information and putting it all together with one little bow. I had to get my hands on this journal.

Fast forward a few weeks and my journal came yesterday in the mail. I rushed home as fast as I could to dive into the journal. Unboxing it was the most fun I had had all week.

It came very well packaged and safe. I must say founder Rebecca thinks of everything when she was putting together this journal and she doesn’t ship it cheaply. It comes in a heavy wrapped paper envelope that’s lined and then the journal is wrapped up in a nice, orange tissue paper and sealed and taped.

Opening it up, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful cover. I got the black with silver with my name on it and it came absolutely perfect. When you pick up this journal, it screams quality. Opening up the pages, you can tell Rebecca knew what she was doing. The pages are heavy and smooth and great to write on. It’s some of the most quality paper I’ve felt in a while.

The journal is peppered with beautiful watercolor pictures and includes references to View Halloo which is a foxhunting call meaning something is worth chasing. I love this motto for goal setting!

Leafing through the journal, she thought of everything. The journal has spaces for your registration information, insurance, blanket inventory, horse care, training, goals, shows, travel schedules, etc. It’s truly built for a competing equestrian to keep everything organized.

The journal is very beefy. It’s not a small journal! You get a lot of value for your money ($75 without your name on front or $90 with.) I’ve already started going through it and filling out all of Jim’s information, some of which I had to go into my filing box for! It’s nice to have all of the information all together. I hope I don’t fill out the training pages too quickly though. I might do weekly summaries instead of daily rides since I ride Jim about 4-5x a week. That might save me some real estate!

Overall, I absolutely adore the journal and recommend it for anyone that’s like me and has a busy equestrian life. It’s great for keeping track of all of your horse’s information, show schedules, training, equipment and other important information.

Also, for my wonderful blog followers, use the code EQWIFE10 for 10% off!  

Product Review: Tack ‘n Treats Box

Recently I was one of 25 winners who got a sneak peek at a new subscription box service, Tack ‘n Treats. I was very excited to receive my box as Tack ‘n Treats go a step beyond just your normal monthly box. A portion of what you pay for each box goes to horse rescues.

I received my box quickly in the mail in a nice little branded Tack ‘n Treats box. After opening it, I first found a piece of paper detailing everything that was in my box which I found very useful.


In my box I got a navy lead rope, a face brush, a large bag of treats, some saddle soap, an electrolyte supplement, a thing of vetwrap, and a horse sticker. The box was also scattered with peppermints!



Probably the funniest thing about opening my box was just the other day I was thinking how I didn’t have a good small face brush. I have a few bigger soft brushes in my kit that are close, but nothing small enough. And there it was in my box!

I also enjoyed that it was a large bag of treats rather than a small sample because – let’s admit it – Jim gets a good deal of treats. I loved that the Co-Flex wrap was red, Jim’s stable color!

The only thing I probably won’t use is the supplement. I have Jim on a pretty strict diet. However I like that the supplement is not just for horses and since we have other animals at the barn, someone will enjoy it.

Overall it was a nice little box and full of fun surprises. I love getting things in the mail so it was great!

Tack ‘n Treats will begin shipping boxes Oct. 1. If you subscribe before Oct. 1, the box is $39.95 a month.

(I won this box randomly via a Facebook/Instagram contest.)

Product Review: Rider’s by Dover Saddlery Fleece Exercise Rug

Temperatures here in the Northeast have been cold…very, very cold. We’re talking in the negatives with wind chills cold and it’s only January. Knowing a traditional New England winter can extend into March, I knew I couldn’t just stop riding. I’m blessed at Jack’s barn with an indoor, but sometimes it’s still too cold.

There’s days I take Jack out of his stall and I feel bad about peeling off those layers of warm blankets. He’s a finicky horse and he loves to be warm. He runs cold most of the time. I knew I had to get a quarter sheet for riding.

I decided on a quarter sheet over just throwing a cooler over him so that he could stay warm during the workout. I haven’t been working him hard enough to build up a lot of sweat so the quarter sheet was the perfect choice.

I ordered a Rider’s by Dover Saddlery Fleece Exercise Rug when it was on sale for $34.99. The site lists the normal price as $46.95.


The rug comes in four colors, navy with charcoal piping (which I got), black with blue piping, charcoal with black piping, and periwinkle with gray piping. It can also be monogrammed in multiple different ways which I took part in. A lot of riders at my barn got these around the same time so I wanted to make sure they knew it was mine!

On Dover’s site, the sheet is described as made from soft, anti-pill fleece that is lightweight, breathable, wickable and allows for freedom of movement. It also has an easy on/off wither hook-and-loop closure and tail cord.

I haven’t tried it on Jack yet, but I am very excited to. It came very quickly (especially considering it was a personalized item). The monogram was correct. And so far it’s exactly as described! The only thing that could possibly be better would be different sizes. Right now these are kind of one-size-fits-all products and horses are varying lengths.



Product Review: Aloe Advantage Enhanced Detangling Conditioner

I have officially found my new favorite product for Jack.


Photo courtesy of State Line Tack

This is the Aloe Advantage Enhanced Detangling Conditioner. It can be found on State Line Tack for $7.09. The description describes the product as:

“All-Natural Pro Series creme formula enriched with Aloe vera and Panthenol for maximum absorption. Detangles as it conditions deeply to repair and protect the hair shaft. May be used as a detangling conditioner and leave-in moisturizer or as a finishing rinse. Prevents broken and split ends without leaving a buildup. Trigger spray allows for even coverage and creme texture prevents runoff. Also great to remove loose hair, mats and tangles on dogs and cats. Long lasting for horse, hound and rider.


  • All-Natural Formula
  • Contains Aloe Vera, a natural humectant, to gently balance without leaving a buildup or causing skin irritation
  • Protein fills chips and splits in hair, and tames split ends and “frizzies”
  • Makes hair shiny, manageable and full of body for a free flowing mane and tail
  • May be used as a finishing rinse or as a leave-in moisturizing and detangling conditioner
  • For use on horses, dogs, cats and people”

I purchased it from my local barn tack shop, Birch Tree Tack. The reason this is my new favorite product was after I used it on Jack’s tail. Anyone that has met him knows he has the most full, insane amount of tail. (Not that I complain!)



If you can tell in the bottom picture, his tail is so curly and frizzy, you can’t even see his back legs! And this was after two hours of detangling with Cowboy Magic.

However it is almost one of the frizziest, craziest things to maintain ever. Usually it’s braided up and tied up in a tail bag, but taking it down for shows used to take me hours. I had to sit there with him on the crossties attempting to detangle the mess of hair. I used Cowboy Magic. I had started falling in love with Canter Mane & Tail. The Canter was doing better than the Cowboy Magic, but the Aloe Advantage gets the top prize.

The day before my dressage show last weekend, I spritzed some of the Aloe Advantage into his tail and brushed it through. I then braided it up into a loose braid for overnight to take down in the morning. Thinking “Ok, let’s give this a shot.”


The next morning I took his tail down. It was flat! It laid perfectly, it was shiny and soft and the shavings that had gotten into it came right out. And it’s been perfect since. No fighting with it. No hours of detangling. Nothing. Needless to say I was amazed and have started using it on his mane and forelock which is also a frizzy mess.

I 100% recommend this product to those who fight with tangles in their horse’s mane or tail. I do not have a dog so I haven’t tried it on one and I haven’t tried it on myself…yet. I am certainly looking forward to continue using this leave-in spray conditioner on Jack!

Note: I purchased this product on my own accord and did not receive anything for this review.